Building AMD Ryzen 5 PC

Finally a breeze for us PC builders who can benefit from competition. Many, including myself, were devastated when AMD called off production of CPU back in 2010ish. Things were bleak on GPU front also, as ATI almost became synonymous with budget friendly chip and nothing more.

This held me back from building any system since 2008 and the last I had was Crosshair III with Athlon X4 chip if my memory is not messed up. Loved it dearly, its still working with Corsair Dominator DDR3 DIMMs with blue trim. It is still a beauty to look at.

Gripes with old PCs 

As time passed, it slowed down and as I got busy in content creation for my websites coupled with catastrophic electricity issues we had, it was simply a pain and I kept my HP Probook closer than ever. But I wasn’t able to game, edit videos smoothly and render them quickly, using photoshop to edit photographs is like moving mountains for it. With no choice left, I almost had the plan to buy Intel 7700 in December 2016. And then Ryzen was announced!

Ryzen Announcement!

Immediately backtracked from Intel thought as I knew prices are definitely coming down and Ryzen will surely bank on its affordability more than performance. AMD has always been a “bang for buck” champion instead of “over the top performer”. Ryzen 7 released and with it came many problems because of new architecture and AMD had to work on ecosystem from scratch.

I waited further…

By the time Ryzen 5 was announced many problems were ironed out, optimization for many application was complete, memory issues resolved with new bios updates etc. And reviews told 1600 is the best of what AMD has offered so far. Jumped for it immediately!

Ryzen Build!

Currently my system is:

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler installed
  2. MSI Tomahawk B350 Motherboard
  3. G-Skill Flare X – 19200 DD4 Memory – 16GB
  4. ammm… Asus 5770 ATI based GPU… I know… I know… will get the better one…

I had the plan to get GTX 1070 but with Vega announcement I am waiting further as my task is not getting hindered with ancient GPU so far. I have been able to play few games like:

  1. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  2. Deus Ex
  3. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  4. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Problems I faced and Solutions!

Getting the PC up and running was relatively painless with only one hitch and that is no old windows version was giving stable run. So one have to have the latest Windows 10 version installed to get it running right. I downloaded the ISO file from Microsoft’s website, made a bootable USB drive with Rufus USB. It was easy and flawless.

With bios updated to latest, since then I have no hickups and PC is running absolutely smooth AL HUM DO LILLAH.

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