So I started learning Kotlin!

This is also one of those things I want to do in lifetime. Photography is one and now this -coding.

Out of endless list of languages… I chose Kotlin. Not sure how it coincided with Google announcing Kotlin as an official language to build android apps but it has definitely added up to make me feel that I made the right choice.

Remember, I have never been a programmer myself as I have accounting and related stuff as my core academic achievements so far. And I can safely tell that I am finding Kotlin simple to learn and understand.

I am not sure if anything I already know in bits and pieces about HTML, php, vba etc is helping me and to what extent, I will share what I have done so far and let you decide if it can play any part:

  1. I have a little knowledge of HTML which I believe anyone has running, managing a website.
  2. I teach and write about Excel. For example, IF function of Excel definitely helped me in if{}else{} statements. I can “understand” VBA codes to little extent. The way high-level languages are structured is quite similar and even have matching syntax, keywords so it is of some help.

However, its not all jolly and joy situation.

As Kotlin is having its official acceptance debut among coders, finding the right resource to learn from is hard to find. Kotlin will take time. Kotlin’s official docs are not for absolute beginners. And youtube videos are meh… Believe me I went through several series and they are not teaching you to “create” android apps. And few were plain pointless.

The only Kotlin course I was able to find was Peter Sommerhoff’s Udemy Kotlin course named: Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin. He has uploaded few videos from this course on youtube for free. I was able to understand each and everything he said in those preview lectures so I decided to shed few dollars. Set me off just 10 USD and I was able to learn Kotlin basics clearly.

To know how useful this course is in reality depends upon how much I will be able to put it to practice and how independent it has made me learn Kotlin on my own. I believe the best teacher is the one who don’t teach you everything about something but the way to learn everything of that something.

To confirm this I have enrolled myself in yet another Kotlin course in which instructor has promised to teach us app development. Its named: The complete Android Kotlin Developer course. And so far the first course is helping me cover it really quick.

I have a plan to share as I learn. I think that would be great for absolute beginners if an absolute beginner like myself explain things in the way us beginners will understand. So will be starting a series named Kotlin 101 where I will be explaining basic stuff as I learn. Over time it can become a good collection for others to bootstrap Kotlin.

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